Policies & Procedures

You will be with a group of up to 12 riders and 2 instructors over for 2 days (Saturday-Sunday) the course will consist of 5 hours classwork using a rider course handbook and 10 hours of range exercises on a motorcycle (handbooks & motorcycle provided). Upon successful completion of the course, a student will be issued his/her class M2 license on site.  Please bring a highlighter to class. Class times will vary but please be prepared to spend the entire day at the school. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts to sign paperwork. One hour for lunch will be provided each day.

Students are required to wear:

  1. Over the ankle shoes/boots (chucks are not allowed).
  2. Long pants and a long sleeve shirt.
  3. Full Finger Gloves (motorcycle or durable work gloves).
  4. Eye protection (eye glasses or sunglasses).
  5. Full or 3/4 face helmet (no half shells).
  6. Motorcycles will be provided for the course.
You will NOT be permitted to ride without the above items.

If for any reason you decide to cancel, please contact our office in writing NO LESS than 7 days prior to your course start date, and a full refund minus a $50.00 processing fee will be issued to the student cancelling the course.  Please be sure to contact us in writing by email (betina@themotomob.com).

If you are late, do not show up, fail to cancel within the cancellation period or leave the class for any reason, NO REFUNDS, TRANSFERS, or CREDITS will be issued. If there was unsuccessful completion of the course in which a student did not pass the written and/ or driving exam, the student may register for the class again at 1/2 current course cost within one year from original class date.

Students who request a reschedule must contact the office in writing NO LESS than days prior to your course start date, otherwise their tuition will be forfeited. No exceptions. A $25 transfer fee to be placed in the requested class will be charged. If the student is unable to request a reschedule date at this time, MMRA will hold the course registration fee for up to a year until the student contacts us for a reschedule date. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with MMRA for reschedules otherwise the course fee will be forfeited.

Please note per policy that at least 4 students must be enrolled in order to hold the class. A full refund OR no-cost transfer will be offered if class is canceled at any point by MMRA due to low enrollment.

Inclement Weather
We ride rain or shine.  If snow or ice occurs, we will notify clients ahead of time to provide a rescheduled course time.

Lost Completion Card/Replacement
If a student misplaces their DMV completion certificate, the student may request a one-time replacement for a $100 per card.  MMRA does NOT replace expired cards or any cards after 1 year following the student’s course completion date.


There is no guarantee of your safety, completion, or graduation.

 Injury or, unfortunately, death may occur when operating a two or three-wheel vehicle.

Students who are unsafe to themselves or others, as determined by the student and or their rider coaches, will not be permitted to continue. (No refunds or transfer eligibility.) The student will be offered the opportunity to sign up for another class at a reduced tuition rate of $100..